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It works with sensors old and new, so whether you’re looking for cadence data from your bike or stats from your golf swing, you’re fully covered. You can pre-make a path at home too then upload it to the watch, which seems like a good idea, though I haven’t used it yet. Best GPS running watch With the V, the company integrated GPS while sticking to chest strap connected heart rate monitoring. Having said that I accidentally had the GPS on and tracking and it was still going after 24hrs, though it was very flat!

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Check for updates with the original software. The –device option is used to specify the device file, default is ‘auto’. Consult a to find a solution for other distros and let me know so I can update this documentation. It’s screen isn’t as impressive as the likes of the Apple Watch or Fitbit Ionic but the Garmin Vivoactive 3 still offers great GPS and heart rate tracking and it delivers plenty of detail through the Garmin Connect app.

The V also has added smart notifications as well as activity tracking. It doesn’t offer all the metrics you get with the Forerunner – a little lower down on this list – but it supports Garmin Pay and offline music, including Spotify whilst also offering smartphone notifications and customisations.

Someone posted that theirs lasted 24 hours or so, even though the specs say 16 hours with tracking on. I can only test 32bit executables, but users built and run successfully on 64bit.


Note that it is possible to install without root rights, use the. This sports watch has adcot lovely compact design that is comfortable to wear, excellent sports and activity tracking, and it sits on a platform that doesn’t gls track that activity but it excels in delivering your stats too.

This will also work with the iPhone too, although Android users get the better experience. The data that the Forerunner gathers is comprehensive, not only taking those basic running metrics like your heart rate and GPS location – both fantastically accurate, but also altitude data, training status, your stress levels and estimations for things like VO2 Max and your power to weight ratio.

There are decisions to be made – do you want the accuracy of a heart rate chest strap or the convenience of wrist-based HR? The Apple Watch will only work with the iPhone, however, it’s not compatible with Android devices.

You get all your information with a leaning toward the beginner sportcimputer. This program is free software: I still don’t know the proper way to obtain MTK7d. Then Strava smooths that out and you will see a sawtooth in the speed graph. Use the –output option to specify a different filename.

Best GPS running watch 2019: The top sports watches to buy today

One small beef I have with it so far is that the GPS readings come only every 4 seconds. This makes the speed graph on Strava look funny if you zoom into the data a little bit. So have a look at the manual for UI: Runs from AAA batteries, but doesn’t have the ability to add on maps. It is a versatile smart fitness watch that offers a long-lasting battery life, lightweight design and it tracks multiple activities, not just running so it’s a great option if you sportcom;uter to mix it up every once in a while.


The watch itself has an in built lithium ion rechargeable which I don’t believe is user replaceable.

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Garmin Forerunner XT deals. The Garmin Forerunner is Garmin’s top watch for runners and triathletes, updating the ageing XT and giving things a fresh new look. That makes it an impressive option, because it also supports a range of sports and accessories, with the option to use a heart rate strap if you prefer, or stick to the wrist-based option. The downside against as a regular running watch is battery life. This feature is still in development. It offers GPS, a chest HR strap, barometer, motion sensors and it’s compatible with Polar’s other sensors to track additional metrics.

I only just got a Bluetooth Low Energy phone recently and so I am only just starting to use the watch.

If you’re an Apple iPhone user, then the Apple Watch delivers a first class smartwatch experience. Do you have a preference for the platform the data will sync to?

Plus or minus 20m or so is still fine so long that it isn’t disconnecting on me.