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No matter what else, this board is an Asus, and that means a lot. With this superb memory we overclocked the system in increments of 2mhz from up to Immediately we ran CPU-Z and noticed two things. The variations between each are generally very slight- normally changes in the northbridge, soutbridge, or included accessories, etc. King of the Socket Motherboards – In original box with all accessories. The upcoming BIOS, v, which is in Beta now, will be interesting to check out and see if these issues can be helped.

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Buying Format see all.

Item Location see all. With this superb memory we overclocked the system in increments of 2mhz from up to At this point we put the audio jacks into the wrong sockets in the back of the computer, which is odd because they are color-coded.

This is not exactly a new or innovative feature but it worked well and was easily to navigate. Capacity per Module see all. It is very important, we need it. With this setting we raised the FSB all the way up to ;4p800, though at one point we did raise the vcore. With its Prescott compatibilities this board can run any skt processor, many of which can compete with the other, more exciting processors out there.

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Motherboard in excellent, clean condition. The main problems with the P4P SE are all external. Compatible CPU Brand see all.

This can be done without leaving the comfort of Windows. This technology brings with it a number of features that are meant to make the board easier to use, especially for first-time overclockers and people new to the computer enthusiast scene. The setup p4pp800 used was: Once the initial setup was complete we started tinkering around. At this time we found another AI feature, AiUpdate.

Asus P4P Motherboard | eBay

Also the capacitors along the left side of the processor top of the picture are close, but do no interfere with any HSF we tried out. The 12v power connector was located in asusttek somewhat strange spot, below and to the left of the processor but this was not a problem, though aesthetically it is not the best spot.

King of the Socket Motherboards – In original box with all accessories. You asushek see that the board has built in Gigabyte Lan, integrated six-channel audio, four available USB2.

Asus P4P SE –

This means prices are falling even though the performance of socket hardware is aasustek very close to that of other platforms. Replaced CMOS battery on the motherboard with new one!


This included running two instances of Prime95 at the same time. From these three characteristics you can tell lot about the board. Guaranteed 3 day delivery.

Within a second the an AiAudio window popped up and explained to us why the audio was not functioning. Here is the motherboard, boxed, as we received it.

Asus P4P800 Motherboards

New other see details. For what it is the P4P SE is a very solid board with only a few minor faults and no major problems. You should receive item within weeks. After this point we slackened the memory timings from to 2.

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For this reason we gave skt one more try when we chose to build our most recent test computer. They are nicely situated about two inches below the memory. Here is the top right corner of the P4P SE. Guaranteed by Asuwtek, Jan 5.