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To protect documents from such intrusion, not only can passwords be set, but the Extended Security func- tion can also be used to strengthen security. If a scan area is may be damaged. A list of the print files stored in the machine appears. If you do not, misfeeds might occur. Changing the following settings with the printer driver may help speed up printing:

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Copying Border Erase Selecting [Diff.

Toner dust might ig- nite when exposed to an open flame. If you do not, misfeeds might occur.

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If you specify a Place originals that cannot be placed scan area, only dc area will be in the optional ADF, such as a book, scanned regardless of actual docu Environmental conditions light more than 1, lux. Keys appearing as cannot be used. Adjusting Printer Features Adjusting Printer Features Printer Features allows basic adjustment of operations when using the machine as a printer.

Troubleshooting Problem Causes and Solutions It takes a long Photographs and other data intensive pages aficuo a long time for the ma- time to complete a chine to process, so simply wait when printing such data. User Name User Name The user name is useful for selecting a To select the title destination when sending faxes or e- mail. Follow the instructions on the To use this feature, the network screen.


Clean these parts Cover if they are dirty.

The remaining sets are printed. Introduction This manual describes detailed instructions on the operation and notes about the use of this machine.

F F F F Place the originals, and then press p. Page – Displaying the memory status Page Page Page – Printing a confidential message Page – Confidential file report Page – Printing a file received with memory loc When an e-mail address is entered, it can be used as the sender’s ad- dress.


Troubleshooting Booklet Finisher 1. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Open There is a misfeed in the du- Open the cover of the duplex cover and remove paper. You can also store the colour balance Reference setting in memory and recall it when For types and examples of the im- you want to use it.

You can also register the programmed fax numbers and e-mail addresses in a Group.

Toner dust on the left and right. Do not obstruct tional the ventilation holes by placing anything near it or leaning objects against it. AAES – System Reset The machine returns automatically to its initial condition when the job is fin- ished, after a certain period of time has elapsed. After selecting the paper tray, you can also specify the display timing and copy method for two-sided copying. See steps To register the Transfer Request on p. Exposure glass cover 1 Tray paper unit Lower this cover over originals before Remarks Dos and Don’ts Adicio Types This machine comes in two models which vary by copy speed.


E-mail ds81 Machine environmentEnergy Saver key20 Main power indicator20 Entering textMain power switch1522 EnvironmentMaintaining Your MachineExposure glass15 Main UnitcleaningMisfeeds There are jammed staples Remove jammed staples. Setting Up the Printer Driver and Canceling a Print Job Changing the default settings – Default Making settings from an application document properties To make settings for a specific appli- cation, open the printer properties di- Limitation alog box from that application.

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Important Contents of this manual are subject to change without prior notice. Copying Erase Colour Colour Background You can erase a certain colour in the Copies by adding a colour in the image of the original. Group You can register destinations to a Removing a Destination from a group.