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Could this be the cause of my problem trying to hook up a new computer on the internet? Check for updated firmware and see if that fixes you problem I think some new firmware was posted this month See if you can test them with out using the router. Fortunately, the capacitors are on the short side, making it likely that most big overhanging heatsinks will clear the caps. I may have messed up the driver install though because I had to manually choose aka force the driver to install. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Nvidia firewall to blame?

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I pretty much gave up after messing with it for a few days and now every now and then I try something new that reminds me I need to post this question in networking forums Is there anyway Comcast could lna the mac, and not the pc, eventhough they are behind a linksys router?

Fortunately, the capacitors are on the short side, making it likely that most big overhanging heatsinks will clear the caps. IDE connectors are in our preferred upper right edge location, though Asus has placed the floppy connector on the bottom right edge of the board – a less desirable location in many case layouts. Can’t connect to the interent with the asus K8N-E Deluxe? While 6 SATA connections are nice, you will see in our overclocking tests that this arrangement makes serious overclocking with a SATA drive all but impossible.


Also, the HT range only extends to 4X in large 1X increments – a range to 5X like many competitors with finer 0. I can go into the forceware Network Access Manager and make changes, but they don’t seem to effect anything.

All-in-all, the K8N-E is a really mixed bag, with some adjustments that are exemplary, and others, missing or downright crude. Some of the fastest current memory requires 2.

Socket 754 Roundup, Part 3: Asus, Soltek & DFI

So, what’s the problem? The K8N-E is typical Asus, which means that the layout is very good indeed. Asus is normally masterful in their board layouts, with careful attention to function and placement of board components. Could this be the cause of my problem trying to hook up a new computer lna the internet?

ASUS K8N-E nforce network problems – Tech Support Forum

Routers are a pain to deal with. Like try seroes it drictly to the modem and buy pass the router completely. The NIC uses Realtek ethernet – drivers and install seem fine, but nothing. Nvidia firewall to blame? Asus did not include any chipset voltage adjustments at all on the K8N-E, a feature that many will miss. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.

The computer is behind a Linksys router. So, it’s not the linksys router. We were more than a bit surprised, however, to find the uneven range of adjustment options on the K8N-E. If you need to connect a floppy, make sure that you pay close attention to the location of the floppy in your case compared to the K8N-E.


My linksy router is giving me a lot of headarchs as well.

I got frustrated, said screw it, and put in a brand new NIC expecting it to work. Some times it works some times it doesnt. Results 1 to 3 of 3 Thread: More so the wireless part is.

Except for the inadequate memory voltages available, the overclocking controls are OK, if not noteworthy.

About 2 months ago the mac stopped connecting to the internet, and we thought that the NIC had just died. Socket Roundup, Part 3: As you will see in our benchmark results, this lack of consistent OC controls with broad ranges is really a shame, since the Asus K8N-E is a fast board.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. But if the router is not seeing the computer and not giving them an IP address that a problem and I have yet to figure out how to get file sharing to work over it.