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Sanddancer on Mar 11, We have morals, and stand by them. XorNot on Mar 12, I’ve tried to google if BSD OSs are good for that purpose, but it seems like they might be better suited as servers and such, and you’re better off using something like Linux for programming. Such is the nature of life in an evolving software ecosystem. It for much more than local exploits. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

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Using NVIDIA on DragonFly – DragonFly BSD Digest

Wow, that’s amazing, really, more than I expected from drafonfly Au contraire, OpenBSD has a simplicity-driven approach that’s one of the cornerstones of most of the awesome stuff that they achieved. What was not enjoyable, for me, was the constant hostility on the mailing list and frequent lashing out at others in various OSS communities OpenBSD comes with more bells and whistles on this particular area though.

From Nvidia site http: The Nvidia proprietary drivers on Linux are pretty good. For example, XWayland seems broken now for some reason, I still haven’t fixed it.

Benchmarks & Trying Out DragonFlyBSD – Phoronix

Any thoughts on why they leave it off out of the box, then? Currently running a 5.


The open source driver could work, but someone has to do the work. I don’t imagine thos drivers would work on BSD You imagine wrong. Still, this does not alter thr fact that i supports most Intel Graphics and is, as you said, a very very good driver. Originally Posted by Oko This questions makes no sense at all. In many thread like that it sounded like Radeon support was pretty much loose and most of times AMD GPUs were discouraged, especially bwd 3D acceleration, whereas Nvidia was suggested as better replacement.

Major packages only 52 All tracked packages To compare the software in this project to the software available in other distributions, please see our Compare Packages page. For older devices there’s nv driverwhile for everything else there’s framebuffer driver, wfsband obviously vesa.

After they dismissed pkgsrc and replaced it by DPorts, John Marino from the DragonFly BSD team is working on the not yet included RavenPorts, some kind of a “better pkgsrc”, which has proven more reliable at least for me.

Find all posts by guitarfreak. From my experience I can tell you that: If I say Bob took a shit, that is a factual observation. On Sat, Nov 6, at 9: I know there there were others for whom that played no small part in their loss of interest in the project.


Find all posts by jggimi. Jails provide some protection to the base OS even if the network exposed service running in the jail is compromised. The team that won the Collegiate Cyber Defense Nviida last year did so with a firewall based on freebsd pfSense. I tested it there drwgonfly it was a quick and easy test of the USB stick and the image.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Most of the times, engineers go with what they need: I highly discpurage you to take the path of FreeBSD gaming.

Using NVIDIA on DragonFly

DragonFlyBSD developers though did leave out the compatibility layer for running bit applications on bit systems. TodPunk on Nviida 10, parent favorite on: Neither have nouveau anymore.

I beleive you mean radeon 4. If I am correct in my assessment of is incorrectness, that is right. And that’s a huge class of systems.