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Pros – Versatile, natural and exciting signature that is very coherently balanced, small form factor with a comfortable fit, very good build quality, detachable cables, excellent value. The theme here is black, with black aluminium housings and black cord. The vocals just pop slightly above the rest of the instruments in the mids. Separation is excellent, as is clarity, although resolution is much less impressive. Especially, looking at their tiny bodies, you’d expect those to be some constricted IEMs when it comes to their soundstage, but instead, they sound huge, large, natural and open. Build quality and fit The E are really nice small form factor IEMs that have an excellent build quality.

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Sadly, the cable is really thin and would leave me worried slund day if they were not replaceable. Mids come across as more transparent and vocals are more present in the E Dobrescu George likes this. However, the E has been touted by many to be a solid value — curiosity got the best of me, and here are my impressions. Both E and E, although housed in stainless steel and aluminium respectively, have hard black plastic nozzles.

In terms of build quality the E is again a step up, but while the cable is technically a better one, I much prefer the more supple and less microphonic cable of the E Wearing them around-the-ear eliminates touch noise, more sond with the ear hooks. It can be improved upon, but at this price point that will be a real challenge.

Final Audio E Impressions – Everyday Listening

Everything is made in Japan. The thickness from the bass is extended a little to the midrange, but this isn’t bad at all, giving it that life we were talking about. Each note is clearly articulated, although the presentation is slightly thick, which makes things a bit more natural than most flat or neutral IEMs. Value and Conclusion We’ve been talking quite a bit about this little jewel of technology from Final Audio, and we feel we did so for a good reason. In terms of size they are the same and I find no practical differences in fit and general use.


This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Strangely, if the shell is always made of high quality metal brass, stainless steel, aluminium none of them wear a replaceable cable, so if you wear them out … you have to replace everything! If you want the best of definition and the deepest sub bass impact, then E will not dissapoint. The cables are excellent with both IEMS, both having OFC Oxygen Free Copper cables, but the cables on IT01 look thicker and a bit moe flexible, while E has more nimble and more incognito cables if you don’t want to get unwanted attention.

Final Audio E4000 Impressions

Clarity and definition is on the level, I would say. In terms of warmth, they are very close in quantity.

With the E series, making the arc of the frequency response smooth overall ensured that no bands were masked, and we achieved high resolution. The package is similar, with the biggest difference being the carrying case, which is a round metallic case for IT01, and a flexible rubber case for Final E The treble is fairly similar in texture between the two, but the treble presentation is quite a bit different, F9Pro being considerably brighter, with more treble sparkle and bite, being better for acoustic and music which relies heavily on a strong treble presentation.


Please refer to the earpiece swing fit mechanism while fitting the product; align the product at an angle where it fits smoothly into the ear. This means that textures sound natural, guitars are juicy and have sounv detail in their chords to be interesting, with enough crunch to be fun, but nothing more than what the artist intended.

The timbre is top-notch. CapnCooktwister6 and takeitblue like this. With the driver unit, the extremely thin film that is heated and shaped vibrates to create sound. Final treats soundd technical details of E with good care, and you can find everything you need about them by reading the package.

The IEM bodies are also wound and allow for wearing them both over-the-ear and straight-down, leading to a really fun and interesting experience. The CKR is also a lush earphone that has forward mids and good presence in the highs as well.

We picked Dunu Falcon-C for this task because it is one of our favorite IEMs priced a bit above E, and which we consider to also prive performance above its price. The Final is much brighter in comparison, with forward and brighter highs, greater on-your-face detail presentation. Soundstage The soundstage size of E is impressive, to the point where it is unbelievable. The cord is of good thickness, not overly thick, still you feel secure with them. This range is made of balanced armature IEMs only, from the entry level F to their best seller, the Heaven.