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Just a room above a minicab office in Acton and a steady stream of greedy simpletons whose delusion is only matched by their clumsiness. Where can I download it! Use the prepare function to prepare the header, and then try again”. Now i know you cannot guarantee anything with sx2 but any clues about why i have this problem below? I ‘d like to buy it. Was genial, with reason rewired and cubase SX there was no latency, till I reinstall my PC and now it dos’t work the drivers.

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Have tried all the possiblities. Honestly — what do you think.

Emagic AudioWerk 8 Specifications:

Flat Ascending Flat Descending Threaded. The original installation disk will not work on XP it must have been created just before WinXP came out. Sorry if all these comments Ive been puttin emagiic are annoying you, just that you are the only dude around who seems to know his shit.

And does the drivers work with soundforge? Help FAQs Go to top. I have VST 3. I have seen posts on here about the AudioWerk 8 card having problems – but I’m not sure from reading them what I can do Could e-magic please please come up with a multimedia driver for windows 95 that will allow users to utilise all 8 separate outputs on the Audiowerk card from other programmes?


User reviews: Emagic Audiowerk 8 – Audiofanzine

Audioqerk would be cool ;- TED Product rating out of 5: Zudiowerk Your Password Remember Me. It Installed fine no errors and all works great Except that when Monitoring through the Card I can hear a slight Delay. Following on from above, I also get this message when using Cool Edit and Myriad at the same time: This means when using AW 8 and a system message appears the sys crashes. Where can I download it!

Where’s the ADAT optical interface? You’ll see this reminder one more time after which it will not appear.

I have been using Logic 5. No win, no fee, no basis in reality. It would be down to whether Emagic wrote XP drivers. Hi folks, A friend of mine bought the Audio werk 8 card. Terrible digital noise and low volume levels on recording and playback.

Hi Tom, the first sounds like the emagic can only handle one master fade across all channels, e,agic than each channel pair having it’s own individual fader – there may be a setting in it’s software that lets you change this though. Features and price for ditributions. My user type is: Otherwise a good product Everything is clean an it integrates well into Logic Audio Apart from that it works fine.


Will this work ie is 7 an estimation for 6. I d like to buy it.

Emagic AudioWerk Driver ASIO (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

Any ideas would be great! Any idea if we can sync up 2 cards together for 16 outs??

Hi, I have just bought an eMagic AudioWerk 8 soundcard second hand for use with the second Powernet workstation. I have just bought an eMagic AudioWerk 8 soundcard second hand for use with the second Powernet workstation.

I am very confused and hope someone can help?