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Voltage of the processor is not fixed either. The memory benchmark from Sandra is very interesting however. Here’s the graph, again running from x to x to x USB ports on a single board, and two are high-speed. This is one feature rich board!

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I used the demo version so that you’ll have something readily available to compare your system to. As we move down the graph from x at the top through x and x at the bottom, you can see the effect that iwilp overclocking has on the scores. The CPU speed increase to MHz should give us a handy increase but the low memory performance will pull the score back. C is really faster somewhere the fact that such result is the only of this kind proves that its “fast” function is made use of in no in real programs.

Stellar On board Audio. The reason for this is the comparatively poor memory bandwidth performance from the ALi sub. But this board does look finished because of high-quality soldering and excellent design. But even if the MAGiK 1 rev. The board is of high quality, but we had some problems.

Iwill XP333 – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – ALiMAGiK 1

This is the ideal placement for them as far as this reviewer is concerned so marks to IWill for that. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. With even lousier boards like the Asus A7A and its iqill compatibility problems before I get flamed by everyone, yes I have used the A7A beforeā€¦ things certainly didn’t look good for ALi.


As isill as running the benchmarks on the board went and overclocking it, everything was fine bar one thing.

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The layout was fine with no niggles and the presentation was above average. Besides, on a production board switches and other stuff will be marked differently. There are a few versions of the IWill XP floating around with the 2. C as it promises DDR support.

Review: IWill XPR – Mainboard –

You are also forced to run the processor bus synchronous with the memory clock meaning some front side bus clocking of the processor and consequently the whole system. The support is there however.

Gaming Benchmarks and Conclusions. The layout iwill good except the fact that audio-ins are located right in front of the PCI slots. All these diagrams show the same things: Onto the Quake3 results.

The socket has two nacreous stripes of plastic on its sides which protect textolite from scratches and splitting off which can take place during installation of a cooler on the CPU. And now the group called “a bit different from usual”. Performance was under par compared to the KR7A and also the nForce but this is down to the substandard memory performance of the chipset at MHz and the problems at MHz.


USB ports on a single board, and two are high-speed. The board is of high quality, the layout is convenient. The CPU socket has plenty of room around it and I had no trouble installing the heatsink used for testing, the Swiftech MCX I bought it as the Socket version for Pentium 4 uusb but it’s perfectly usable in Socket mode without the Socket mounting brackets.

Iwill XPR Motherboard Review –

Even at x performance looked fine. The efficiency is at the level of KTA? Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

Whatever the configuration, the board has been designed usbb the outset for the overclockers with IWill even consulting hardware websites on the features, specification and the resulting choice of the ALi Magik 1 chipset. We have carefully conducted all the tests, and we can just assume that either in the Iwill a certain function works faster or in the MSI board it is awful.

The developers installed a network controller’s chip from Realtek: This may be the cause for our little hiccup since the BIOS may not know about the Samsung memory on the module.

I just feel sorry for Iwill.