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The inner piece of the front baffle fits tightly into the cabinet opening. It was every bit as powerful, unlimited and overwhelming as Michael described. First, you have to sand the sides and internal pieces so that they are absolutely flat in one plane , so you get a good airtight glue joint between the side and everything else. But don;t permanently install it until you finish paint or veneer the box. Using a 2″ drill bit, I clamped the whole speaker box on the drill press.

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First, you have to sand the sides and internal pieces so that they are absolutely flat in one planeso you get a good airtight glue joint between the side and everything else. The Jordan JX92S is a jx992s smooth and accurate driver.

The port dimension is also pretty critical – small changes in the model made significant changes in the bass response. If you want to see the parameters I used in the Mathcad model, you can download a PDF of my spreadsheet. Several things have to happen before you glue on the other side.

Words like “cute”, “tiny” and “matching the bedroom bookshelves” that would never cross my mind in conjunction with evaluating a pair of speakers had me on the double moving the Ridges to our bedroom without even a chance of arguing that it’s the worst-sounding room in the house.

Piano has depth and character, guitar is as expected Now the sand has to be put into the “dead” spaces Building it – Updated – fixed dimensions!


Isolpads under electronics, Standesign stand Room size: It is not a bad thing to remember since the lower treble is certainly accentuated by a few decibels and depending on the associated gear, can become a little obnoxious.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I did have two espressos jordann two Dunkin Doughnut munchkins at Robin Wyatt’s house while collecting the speakers for review.

Jordan JX92S Fullrange Loudspeaker Driver / Transducer

I guess the big tipoff on these speakers was that there were many speakers to listen too, jx92 these stayed in the system for a long time kordan people kept coming back to them. Some reviews I agonize over for weeks. The goal was to get a good amount of low end response from this tower loudspeaker.

Denon or Marantz help Latest: The outer piece of the baffle was cut larger than the outside dimension of the cabinet and flush trimmed to size once the baffle was glued to the remainder of the cabinet.

DIY Jordan JX92S bookshelfs

The JX92S is constructed on an aluminum die-cast frame. There’s no guesswork involved. The Jordan drivers are unique amongst most of the smaller fullrange drivers in that they cover almost nine octaves. It will cost you the same. At 1W it would be closer to 85 dB. Thankfully I was allowed to move them back to my office or the living room for a few hours at a time to assess how they sounded in other systems.

Jordan Eikona – E J Jordan Designs

Nothing sacred about this, it just made sense to me, and matched the material I had in the garage! It really allows for a large “sweet spot”, and moving your head a few inches doesn’t mess up the sound like what happens with some full-range speakers.


These are all very important, especially the stuffing. The first thing I noticed is a level of clarity I had never heard out of bookshelfs, though I do not have a lot of experience with high end ones jjordan.

An alternative is also offered by Carolina Audio built out of MDF for a far more inert cabinet than the Konus – depending on where your allegiance is on inert or lively cabinets, you can choose between the two. The port should be test-fit at this point, as it may be tough to tweak once the box is closed. It is drawn at full scale in the CAD files. In all cases, the good news is that you can have it mostly your way by tweaking toe-in until you find the presentation you desire.

See the construction photographs and notes for more details. I’ve had these guys running for about a year, and I’m always amazed when I turn them on after not listening for a while.

Jordan JX92S DIY Tower Speakers

You need to drill through the front AND through the angled baffle. I really love the sound of this speaker. Note the jlrdan, sand, and acousta-stuff. An instrument’s sound will emanate from a stable area but will never have its boundaries as precisely defined as over the best narrow-baffled monitors.