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Got a second V Page Los indicadores de estado pueden aparecer en la parte superior de la pantalla principal: Your phone jumps to the entry. Cheap, cheap, phone and crappy warranty. Back View of highlighted screen. Oprima en una pantalla de ingreso de texto para cambiar al modo tap. La luz de fondo se vuelve a encender cuando se abre la solapa o se oprime alguna tecla.

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Length of Coverage Limited lifetime warranty for the lifetime of ownership by the first consumer purchaser of the product.

Page 62 To turn off notorola alarm, press the Disable key or u. Page 73 Motorola-supplied or approved clip, holder, holster, case, or body harness.

Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Amazon. Also one of the most advanced cell phones you can get without a camera and Bluetooth thats why I got it. Battery Tips Both your phone and the computer must be turned on, and your computer must have the correct software drivers installed.

Personalizar personalizar estilo de audio Cada perfil de estilo de timbre usa un conjunto de sonidos o vibraciones diferente para las llamadas entrantes y otros eventos.

The Motorola V brings new style and panache to everyday communication. Send Message Open a new text message with the number in the To field. Press in a text entry view until you see [.


MOTOROLA V190 Manual

Press a keypad key to show its symbols at the bottom of the display. To avoid risk of personal injury, do not dispose of your battery in a fire. Emergency numbers vary by country. Safety Information Your Motorola mobile device is designed to comply with local regulatory requirements in your country concerning exposure of human vistta to RF energy.

Screensavers, themes and wallpapers can be set to your tastes.

External Display During a call, press the Speaker key to turn the handsfree speaker on. Page Motorola Original.

Keep it away from static electricity, water, and dirt.

Cables and software drivers are available in Motorola Original data kits, sold separately. A stub antenna is placed on the top right side of the unit. Present scientific information does not indicate the need for any special precautions for the WHO Information use of mobile phones. Best Android photo and video apps.


Perchlorate Label California Perchlorate Label Some mobile phones use an internal, permanent backup battery on the Perchlorate Label printed circuit board that may contain very small amounts of perchlorate.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.


Defects or damages resulting from service, testing, adjustment, installation, maintenance, alteration, or modification in any way by someone other than Motorola, or its authorized service centers, are excluded from coverage. Two weeks later it died again. Automatically answer calls when connected to a car kit or headset: Table Of Contents contents menu map Your display shows Spkrphone On until you turn it off or end the call.

Motorola V190

Security Web sites when you download files or share information. Un icono de bloqueo 9 que aparece cerca de una imagen, sonido u otro objeto significa que no puede enviarlo ni copiarlo.

See mohorola CFR Sec. As a mobile device user, you have an important role in ensuring that this device is recycled properly. Productos y accesorios que se reparan o reemplazan.

Page 28 To enter text in tap mode, press a keypad key repeatedly to cycle through the letters and number on the key. It will perform best after you fully charge and discharge it a few times.